Do you know why I like outdoor weddings, especially foreign or “mixed” couples? I apologize in advance if this term offends anyone, but I don’t know a better one. If you have any idea for a more elegant word, please let me know, I will gladly replace it. Anyway, my point was that I like the relaxed atmosphere of these weddings.

At typical Polish weddings, especially at church ceremonies, unfortunately the scenario is most often the following: all the guests are terribly tense at the beginning. They probably think about whether they are properly dressed, what should they do at the certain moment, how to behave, what is appropriate and what is not. 

So, be quiet and look serious just in case. You can get touched, but not too much, because then people will hear sobbing, and what if you’ll have to blow your nose? What will people think? : ) You cannot cheer, whistle, joke, and worse, never consume an alcoholic drink during such a sublime moment as a wedding ceremony. And I am asking – why is not all this allowed?

From the very beginning, we were taught to suppress our emotions. However, we were not taught to look for the truth in ourselves, to listen to our emotions and to show them. We are ashamed of joy, we are ashamed of tears. 

Therefore, with undisguised joy, I participate in weddings such as the one you are about to see. Where drinks are served to guests from the entrance, where all colors and styles are allowed, where no one tells anyone what is right and what is not. Love is celebrated here!

Natalia and Craig – a wonderful, warm and perfectly matched couple. Polish girl and Scottish boy – a perfect combination; ) I am filled with gratitude for the mention of their wedding, wonderful atmosphere, beautiful ceremony, crazy wedding party. It was an extraordinary day, thank you guys for it!

wedding venue / Solei Weddings

flowers / Inna Studio

makeup / Natalia Cybul – Make Up

hair / Look of the day 

dress / Bizuu

harpist / Cecylia Matysik-Ignyś

dj / Funtastic Events